The Benefits of Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Health

The human body isn’t a series of disconnected parts that experience injury or illness separately from the rest of the body. Traditional medicine, however, often approaches treatment as if this were true. In reality, treating an illness or injury of the human body requires a holistic approach that looks at the problem from all angles.

Holistic medicine is about balance. Unlike traditional approaches which focus only on the part of the body that is showing signs of illness, holistic medicine treats the patient’s overall well being and can often pinpoint the root cause of the illness. It works from the premise that if one part of the body is ill, the entire body and the mind need treatment as well in order to restore balance. A holistic course of treatment will look at nutrition, exercise, environmental factors and the patient’s state of mind.

Patients who use a holistic approach to their health problems frequently experience faster pain relief and healing than patients undergoing traditional treatments. Because of the whole-body focus, they usually find that their overall health improves beyond just the treatment of their illness. They also have a greater understanding of how to maintain their health long-term.

Holistic medicine uses natural medicines, herbs and other non-invasive approaches to treatment such as bioidentical hormone replacement and detoxification. These treatments are often more gentle than synthetic medicines and support the body’s natural defenses against illness. Even if traditional medicines are recommended, they are part of an overall treatment plan that includes healthy eating, supplements, acupuncture and stress-relieving exercises.

Illness puts a strain on the entire body, mind and spirit. In order to heal, the body needs to be strengthened, the mind de-stressed and the spirit nurtured. Patients who work with a treatment provider who emphasizes holistic care experience faster healing as well as a significant reduction in illness symptoms and symptoms related to traditional treatment methods.

If you’re looking for treatments that are holistic in Indianapolis, the Spahr Center offers the best whole body health center in Indiana. We treat the patient with life counseling, chiropractic treatments, and nutrition and exercise counseling. We also offer some of the most affordable supplements in addition to bioidentical hormones in Indianapolis. We don’t just treat your illness—we treat your overall being.


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