A New Approach To A Common New Year’s Resolution

People who want to enjoy better overall health should take a holistic approach to make sure all their needs are met.As each new year arrives, thousands of people make resolutions to live healthier. One of the first steps they often take is a diet. However, too many weight loss plans focus mostly on what a person should or should not eat. But, to be more effective, a plan should have components that address each person’s individual needs. This is where functional medicine can help. People who want to enjoy better overall health should take a holistic approach to make sure all their needs are met.

Emotional Support

Losing weight can be a very emotional challenge, so it’s important to have encouragement. Talking to a professional about challenges, feelings and goals is helpful. In addition to the initial challenge of weight loss, adopting a new set of lifelong habits also requires support.

Natural Supplements

For some people, the process of changing a diet will also include natural supplements. It is best to avoid a diet plan that involves prescription drugs, which may cause more harm than good in some cases. Vitamins, minerals and even bioidentical hormones may be recommended to encourage a healthy weight loss plan.

Safe Exercise Plan

There is no standard exercise plan that fits everyone. Some people have special needs or existing health conditions that limit their mobility. It is important for every person to meet with a professional to discuss individual conditions and goals before starting any exercise plan.

Progress Tracking

It’s important to monitor progress along the way. While every person is capable of doing this alone, it is better to have a professional help for accountability purposes. This provides more incentive to stay on track and work hard to meet goals.

Nutritional Planning

While a holistic approach addresses all aspects of losing weight and staying healthy, food is still important. Since it is difficult for most people to immediately change their dietary selections, consulting a professional is very important. People who are serious about improving their diet and nutrition in Indianapolis should consult a functional medicine specialist.

The Spahr Center understands that working toward an ideal weight and making a commitment to lifelong dietary changes is a major challenge. Please feel free to contact us today or visit our site for more helpful information about holistic health in Indianapolis.


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