Natural Ways to Improve Your Attention Span and Concentration

Natural Ways to Improve Your Attention Span and Concentration Do you find it difficult to focus on daily tasks? If you feel tired during the day and have trouble focusing, you may think the core issue is a lack of sleep. However, losing quality sleep could be an effect of an even bigger, overall problem caused by multiple issues. For many people, there is no single solution. By adopting several new practices, it is possible to regain a clear mind and better focus. The best part about this process is that it can be done without harmful drugs.

Spend Less Time in Front of the Computer, Television or Smartphone

Focusing on a bright screen for a long period of time can make a person’s eyes weary, but it often stimulates the mind enough to remain active. Whether it is accessed through a phone, computer or other electronic device, it’s important to limit Internet use as much as possible. Avoid spending more than an hour each day checking e-mails, using social media or aimlessly surfing the Internet.

Make Some Dietary Changes

Eating a balanced diet that includes nutrient-rich foods is important for mental clarity. Oatmeal, eggs, nuts, fresh fruits, green vegetables, seafood, organic meat, perch, and salmon are just a few examples of power-packed foods. It’s also important to avoid sugary snacks or foods that are high in Trans fat.

Enlist the Help of Some Natural Supplements

There are several supplements that help increase mental clarity and concentration. Ginseng promotes better clarity and more energy. L-ornithine and L-arginine are two amino acids that are not found in high concentrations naturally. Both promote more energy and better mental focus. The same is true with coenzyme-Q, ginko and rhodiola.

Try Meditating and Using Aromatherapy

Meditation can help clear the mind. This process is helpful for reducing stress, which is often one of the culprits of poor mental focus. Yoga has also been shown to help increase mental clarity, and aromatherapy is good for reducing stress.

To stay healthy, consider adopting a lifestyle that includes functional medicine. This type of medicine focuses on treating underlying conditions for more effective results. Whether you are looking for a life coach in Indianapolis or want to learn more about the benefits of bioidentical hormones, the Spahr Center has solutions.


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