About Us

The Spahr Center offers a highly individualized approach to optimizing your health and well being. Together, our collaborative team strives to make a profound difference by taking your health beyond medicine. To put it simply, we heal people from the roots up.

We assess your current health through a detailed evaluation of your medical history, nutritional intake and specialty laboratory testing. We uncover the roots of your ailments by evaluating sensitivities to food, digestive, hormonal, neurological and metabolic imbalances. Most importantly, we listen to you.

By reviewing your personal data and your preferences we develop an individualized plan of care. Our integrative approaches include medical, nutritional, fitness and culinary treatment options. We will provide you with a sustainable strategy to maximize achievement of health. Our tailored approaches are aimed at identifying the source of problem sources and resetting your metabolism, hormonal imbalances.

Mission Statement: To assist our patients in achieving optimum health and well-being through a customized wellness program encompassing every aspect of a patient’s daily routine.

Contact Information:
3003 E 98th Street, STE 261
Indianapolis, IN 46280
(317) 708-3939


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